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Meet the designer


Hendrikka Waage is an internationally known jewellery designer,
philanthropist, children's books author, global activist and campaigner
for children. She is internationally educated and has had a lifelong
passion for art and jewellery and has extensive international background
in the field of PR and marketing for several global organisations. She has
travelled extensively across all continents and been actively involved in
many international events, giving her a very valuable insight into
overseas markets and culture.

Since childhood, Hendrikka´s artistic flair was evident when she
established a retail outlet specialising in silk flowers and related
merchandise. Her affection for design and art and her inspiration is
influenced by some of the countries she has lived and worked in, including
countries with deep cultural history such as Russia and Japan. She has
spent several years in the USA and currently lives in Surrey, England.
Hendrikka´s international experience enabled her to fulfil a fascination
and love of jewellery, which led to the creation of her jewellery

Hendrikka has always received extensive press coverage at any event held
by her and her jewellery has had prominent exposure in several fashion,
lifestyle and daily journals in the UK (Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Hello and
others), USA (where she has been on the cover of USA Today), Scandinavia
and countries as far apart as India.

She is the co-founder and President of the international charity 'Kids
Parliament'. With the support of several business and religious leaders,
the aim of the charity is to significantly improve the lives of severely
disabled children by showing them alternative ways of taking part in the
day to day activities most of us take for granted www.kidsparliament.org

She is also a best-selling children's book author and has written a series
of children's books which aim to educate children about their native
culture as well as different cultures www.rikkaandhermagicring.com