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The Evil Eye

Purple rainThe Evil Eye has a long and torrid history that is rooted in spirituality,
mystery and the very depths of human emotion. With no exact known origin,
the eye is ubiquitous throughout Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and North
African cultures.  The eye is often considered a symbol of good luck; a
type of age-old talisman that can help ward off the curse of a malevolent
gaze or perhaps the incantations of evil spirits. Yet the eye is most
associated with envy; an envious person may unknowingly cast the evil eye
out of envy.

The Hendrikka Waage Evil Eye Collection is inspired by the rich traditions
of Turkish culture. These cutting edge pieces are bohemian glamorous as
well as organically simple. The eye-catching collection combines wood beads, semiprecious, beads, glass,
silver, and even tassels to create an explosive fusion of color and design. With this line,Hendrikka has blended
the influences of east and west, the organic with the manufactured, and mystery with reality.